By-Laws — May 2017

This organization shall be known as the “Ottawa Newcomers’ Club” (ONC).
The purpose of this organization is to welcome those women who have recently arrived in the greater Ottawa area or those whose circumstances have changed, and help them begin a new life by meeting and making new friends.
Section 1

The Club shall hold a monthly members’ meeting usually on the first Wednesday of every month (except July and August), a monthly Board meeting, an Annual General Meeting (usually held in June) and otherwise shall meet at the discretion of the Board.

Section 2

Twelve members shall constitute a quorum of monthly members’ meetings, annual general meetings (AGM) and special meetings. A simple majority will constitute a quorum at Board meetings.

Section 1

The Club shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Executive and elected Officers.

Section 2

Necessary business shall be transacted by a vote by a majority of those present and voting.

Section 3

Voting shall follow a motion, a seconder, discussion and a vote. Minutes shall record the originator and the seconder of the motion.

Section 4

When in doubt, consult Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 1

Those eligible for membership, upon payment of dues, shall be:

(a) any woman who is a newcomer to the greater Ottawa area within the past two years

(b) any woman who has experienced significant changes in circumstances in the last two years due to retirement, spousal breakup, family death, or,

(c) as approved by the Executive.

Section 2

(a) For the purpose of membership, the Ottawa Newcomers’ Club membership year is July 1st to June 30th.

(b) Members are entitled to remain in the Club for the membership year that they initially join and for 3 subsequent membership years for a total of 4 membership years. Members will then be asked to choose between remaining in ONC for one more additional membership year OR choose to join the Ottawa Newcomers Alumni Club (ONAC). Membership in ONC cannot exceed 5 membership years in total.

(c) Membership Dues for new members are payable at time of application. Membership renewal dues may be paid as early as July 1st of each membership year but must be received bythe Club by the 30th of September.

(d) Members joining between March 1st and June 30th will pay a reduced rate.

(e) Membership dues shall be determined by the expenses of the Club and approved by a vote of the membership (usually at the Annual General Meeting).

(f) Dues are not refundable after 30 days of membership.

(g) Should a member fail to pay dues within the prescribed time period, her membership will be revoked.

(g) Re-instatement of a member may be made with the approval of the Executive.

Section 3

Members who participate in Club activities must be members in good standing who have signed an up-to-date club waiver form.

Section 4

(a) All members will be held responsible for any charges incurred on their behalf for a meal. Members may not attend any Club activities until their debt is paid.

(b) Membership will be revoked for non-payment of this commitment within 30 days.

(c) Re-instatement of a member due to unusual circumstances may be made with the approval of the Executive.

Section 5

After the initial payment of dues, members will be given access to the Members Only Website which will include the By-Laws and Roster of members. Any person found using or supplying the membership list for the purpose of selling or soliciting will have their membership revoked.

Section 6

A prospective member may attend one monthly general social gathering before dues become payable.

Section 1

(a) The Executive refers to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasuer.

(b) Elected Officers of the Club are the Executive, plus the Newsletter Editor, Web Master, Member at Large, and those chairing Membership, Program, Publicity and Roster, and any other positions deemed to be appropriate by the Executive.

(c) To ease the transition from past to present Board, the immediate Past President and up to two other members of the outgoing Executive may serve as appointed voting members or consultants to the current Board for a period of six months after the end of a term as President.

(d) The Officers of the Club and Activity Conveners can be appointed by the President and/or the Executive as may be necessary from time to time for the

operation of the Club.

Section 2

To establish the incoming Officers, a Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at the February Board meeting. This committee will consist of no fewer than two members, and preferably three members. The Nominating Committee shall endeavour to present a slate of at least one candidate for each position. The names of the Nominating Committee shall be announced in the April Newsletter, which comes out mid-March. The Nominating Committee shall begin to look for suitable candidates after the names of the Nominating Committee are published in the April Newsletter.

Section 3

Nomination for the office of President shall usually be from among the present Officers. If no Officer is interested or invited, the position may be open to the entire membership. Members of the Executive and Officers may hold office for more than one year if no other member has offered her services and has been accepted by the Executive in that capacity.

Section 4

The Proposed Slate of New Officers shall be published in the June Newsletter, which comes out mid-May.

Section 5

Each Executive member and Officer shall be elected at the June Monthly Lunch and AGM. In order to vote, one must be a member in good standing of the Ottawa Newcomer’s Club. Voting will be carried out by secret ballot if there is more than one nominee for any office.

Section 6

To ease the transition to the new Board, the old Board and the new Board shall meet jointly for the June Board meeting.

Section 7

The Executive and Officers shall assume office for a period of one year commencing July 1. If any Executive or Officer finds herself unable to continue during that year, another member may take her place upon invitation by the Executive.

Section 1

Operating expenditures may be paid by the Treasurer upon presentation of a statement or receipt by a board member. All other expenditures must be approved by the Executive before payment by the Treasurer.

Section 2

Each out-going Board must leave in the Treasury a sum, not to exceed $2500, after allowing for all unpaid bills and approved standing obligations for which the administration is responsible.

Section 3

The Club’s fiscal year shall be from July 1st to June 30th.

An Auditor/Financial Review of the books is to be made at the end of each fiscal year. The Treasurer and one other member shall make arrangements for the services of an auditor or a qualified accountant to review the Club’s financial records and books. The individual carrying out the financial review must not be a member of the ONC Board or a relative of the current Treasurer. An Auditor’s Review shall be prepared and copies presented to the out-going President and Treasurer and all members of the new Executive. A copy shall be posted on the Members Only Website. Any club member may inspect the books and records of the Club upon reasonable notice to the Treasurer.
Unless authorized by the Board, no Officer of the Club shall receive remuneration for her services to the Club.
These by-laws may be amended in either of two ways:

(1) by a 2/3 majority of those present at a Members’ Monthly Meeting or Special Meeting, provided both that a quorum of 12 members is met and that written notice of this intention is given to the members a minimum of two weeks prior to such a meeting.

(2) by email at which time a quorum of twelve unconditional affirmative votes received shall then cause the changes to become effective provided that members have received two weeks’ notice of this intention.

Membership applications involve three steps, i.e., application, fees payment and waiver.  Please complete all three steps at the same time. This will expedite your membership.

  1. Please click here to complete the membership application form.
  1. The ONC fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th with an annual fee of $30. If you first join between March 1st and June 30th, the initial fee is reduced to $20.

Please send membership fees to the Treasurer via e-transfer to No password is required. NB If the funds are from an account with a different name, please let us know. If e-transfers are unfamiliar or unavailable to you, contact for assistance.

  1. Please click here to complete and sign the Waiver. This covers you and any future guest(s) who attend an event(s) with you.

    Once we have received your membership application, dues and waiver, ONC’s Roster Director will contact you to give you access to our Members-Only section. Please be patient, as processing times vary at different times of the year.

    The Members-Only section of the website contains the current Newsletter, with a list of current activities. Please note that because many of our activities are held in members’ homes, we cannot guarantee that all venues are accessible. If you are concerned, please check with the hostess or the venue directly.

    Please also note that ONC is a scent-free organization.

    Questions? Contact the Membership Director at

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